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    Product Name:           LED Colorful Flashing Cup              
    Material: Plastic, built-in button battery, replace
    Packing: Box
    Feature: into the water that is bright, seven color
    Light duration: 30 hours
    Scope of application: bars, discotheques, restaurants, leisure, parties, dating, friends, gifts, etc
    Flash mode: induction
    Flash color: seven color
    Detailed description:
    1. the ordinary Cup features, without passion, this Cup built-in color light module,open the switch, very brilliant.
    2. Cup drinks because of lights against the more dreamy, enchanted!
    3. pour cup water glow, no water glass won't glow!
    Battery use:
    Each Cup required two CR2025 button cell battery, factory-direct battery is included can be used, super power can continue to glow for about 30 hours.
    Cleaning methods:
    Using fruit and vegetables clean liquid soap or detergent gently washes and materials using a cotton cloth or sponge to scrub the glass part are available hot waterrinse after the swing.
    Perfect decoration for your rooms, parties, clubs, bars, cocktail, wedding, etc.
    Flash mug is not only popular in nightclubs KTV bars and other places,when you use the flash mug will be let you become more  attention and special. And flash cup, but also by the children's favorite, gorgeous colors always attract attention.
    1. do not use steel wool or hard cleaning tools
    2. avoid using the dishwasher cleaning
    3. avoid Cup soaking into the water
    4. the panels into the water at the bottom should be avoided, otherwise it will cause instability and affect the function of glow; if the panels into the water after removing the battery, dry or dried the moisture inside and then equipped with batteries,circuit is maintained correctly, does not affect the functionality.
    Package include:1 x LED cup



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